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About HAOS Gourmet

The HAOS Philosophy

HAOS work only with the best in the industry. Our partners are internationally renowned names in the business and the scientific technologies we have adopted are the results from the years of research and development.

At HAOS, we aim to be exceptional in all that we set out to do. We are very particular in our choice of raw seafood. We buy only certain species and they have to come from oceans that are clearly unpolluted. And of course, they must be the tastiest!

We subscribe to a long-term view that seafood sources should be sustainable. Our divers work only in areas and seasons designated by the country’s authority. They pick only abalones of a legal size. Essentially, we want future generations to be able to take pleasure in the good food that we are now enjoying.



A Genius in Creativity and Innovation

Celebrated Master Chef Lee Chiang Howe is the creator of HAOS Candy Heart abalone. He has not only spent a good part of the last 20 years in the kitchen creating delicacies for discerning diners but also in scientific research.

Master Chef Lee wanted his prized cooked abalones to be widely enjoyed which means that they have to travel well. To ensure that the valuable shellfish retains all its great flavour and freshness from factory to dining table, he spent much time experimenting in state-of-the-art laboratories. One of the things that he worked on was ensuring that the abalone will continue to hold its shape after cooking. Another was the development of an innovative see-through pouch that contains the cooked abalone.

Today, the HAOS line of delicious ready-to-eat abalones in the culmination of Master Chef Lee’s time and effort as well as that of three generations of his family. Their dedication has enabled everyone to enjoy HAOS abalone without the use of additives and preservatives.


李长豪出自潮州名厨世家,发挥三代传承的厨艺,但他不墨守成规,颠覆了传统的经营模式,在酒楼推出即食溏心干鲍而傲视全行。 他跨足加工业,到产地搜寻极品鲍,坚持不用化学过程的加工技术,以求即食鲍鱼的原始本色,造型和风味发挥到极致。