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  • Australian Candy Heart Abalone 澳洲溏心干鲍

    The Candy Heart Abalone is no ordinary shellfish. Only specific species have that special factor to be selected for this exquisite creation.
    HAOS Australia Candy Heart Abalones have a golden hue on the outside and it has reddish on the inside when shine under proper lighting. It's exquisite taste makes this gastropod rise above all others.

  • HAOS Premium Shark's Fin 潮州金勾翅

    We use legally harvested blue shark's fin from Central America and South America for production of our products. Unique selling point: convenient package, easy to cook. Cooking instructions: Pour premium stock into a pot, stir constantly until the stock begins to boil, pour shark's fin packet and simmer for 3-4mins(small packet)/5-7mins(large packet), and it's ready to be served.

  • Braised Fish Maw Steak with Savoury Braised Sauce (225g Net) 花胶扒 (225g)

    The fish Maw is cooked and left to simmer in rich chicken stock. Each product is high in collagen and nutrients that believe to do great wonder for good skin.
    Just need heating up over a slow fire for few minutes, the seafood is ready to serve.


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Australian Candy Heart Abalone

$ 328.00

HAOS XO Abalone Sauce

$ 50.00

Fish Maw

$ 48.00